Insight into heifer behaviour...

Monitoring of feed behaviour demonstrated that in situations where feed space was limited heifers compensated for the lack of space by feeding less often, in fact up to 10% less time was spent feeding.

The really interesting fact from my point of view is that many of you will have similar situations and the normal response is that there is always food in front of them, so they will eat when they can. The reality is that they do, and they eat about 9% more per feed than they would normally. Problem solved I hear you cry!

Unfortunately, this is one of the best ways that you can force a normally safe diet to cause laminitis and other potential digestive problems.

The solution, as ever is to think of it logically. If you had to eat every day with 8 members of your family at a table the size of a large dog bed, you might just think differently about when you would want to eat.

Quite simply, they are your future so give them room to grow and be your profitable future.

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