Our check list to rearing healthy cattle...

Our 9 tips to ensure healthy cattle

  • Supplement minerals for suckler cows all year round with general purpose buckets.
  • Keep a close eye on lameness. A lame cow will not milk as well and lame bulls are usually sub-fertile.
  • When running bulls make sure that they have been fertility checked and, if you have bought them and they have been working elsewhere, then they need an antibiotic sheath wash done by your vet before they work for you
  • Feed a pre-calving bucket for six weeks or even better 1kg of dry cow rolls for at 3 weeks prior to calving.
  • Make sure that calving areas are clean. A clean udder reduces the risk of infection to calves, particularly Johnes disease.
  • Limited movement/group changes at calving reduces the risk of having to assist the birth, also reducing risk of cow and calf mortality.
  • Creep feed calves’ quality diets are matched to the forages that they are eating.
  • When housing growing cattle, clip a double stripe down the back bone to stop sweating/reduce risk of pneumonia and help growth rates.
  • Make sure that plenty of fibre is available in the diet to allow maximum starch utilisation.
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