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Specifically looking at diets that will allow you to optimise performance from forages, whilst providing the best value for money. Your business needs you to be open minded but firm in setting its targets. Crucially you need sound and balanced advice

If you farm and buy wisely then there will still be plenty of opportunity to grow your profit throughout the summer and into the winter. We have spent a considerable amount of time this spring looking at our range of dairy cakes and reformulating them in a manner that will allow you to optimise output from your home-grown crops, grazing and clamped forages.

As always, all our diets will remain fixed formulation. Cows need consistency and we have proved time and again that this approach works. We are still making our nuts from a course grist so that they degrade in the animal much more slowly.This is important when grazing tends to break down exceptionally quickly in the gut, encouraging acidosis. There is also a large amount of winter forage that will be used for buffering that is carrying a high acid loading.Anything below 3.7pH is extremely acidic. We will continue to use very high-quality ingredients, meaning that you will not find cheap fillers in any of our diets.Finally, we will continue to trial and challenge the performance of our products, to make you more profitable.

Crucially, the energy values and total nutritional quality of the upper end cakes within this range will allow us to challenge feed rates.Lower feed rates mean that less room is taken up in the gut, allowing a far higher level of forage consumption. This is only possible if the ingredients are of a high quality.Poor quality ingredients such as sunflower, rice bran, cocoa shells, oatfeed etc will not sustain the cow and will ultimately lead to poor health, poor fertility and short lifespan.

Our aim is to enhance your cows’ performance and take more of you over that 3,000 litres from forage mark to knock on the door of 4,000 litres plus.

Basically, the opportunity is there to make more money and encourage cow longevity. Please speak to one of our specialists to find out more about how we can help you to move your business forward over the coming months and years.

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