Store lamb feeding...

Working closely with store lamb finishers over the last 20 years, we have developed diets that can be fed with or without forage. Our unique coarse grist production system will provide enough structural fibre to keep a lamb growing and finishing without extra forage slowing down growth rates.

When a lamb goes into a finishing period there are a number of rules to follow:

  • Decide when you want the lamb to go to slaughter, and work backwards to your start feeding date to determine target growth rate.
  • Start feeding while at grass. Do not bring in any lambs who have not visited the trough outside.
  • Lambs need to be either housed on slats or very well bedded areas with lots of ventilation or fed outside in a small dry sacrifice field or open yard.
  • When lambs are brought in to feed having eaten 200-300g/head/day outside they should be put on ad lib feeders which must not be allowed to be empty for any length of time. Feed Lamb Finisher Nuts with ammonium chloride to reduce the risk of Kidney stones
  • If forage is offered it needs to be clean, dry hay, straw or haylage with no mould.
  • A plentiful supply of clean fresh water must be available at all times.
  • Ensure worms and lung disease have been controlled by vaccination or dosing.
  • Start handling and checking lambs three weeks after the start of ad lib feeding, and move them as soon as lambs are ready to send to slaughter. There is no point or profit in feeding to get over fat lambs.