Let's look at Ventilation...

All livestock farming is geared to the same range of issues to be addressed:

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Nutrition

You and your animals' performance stand or fall by how well you manage each area.There is plenty about nutrition and, because of the time of year, I want to focus on an environmental issue with health implications, ie ventilation.As we house cattle and sheep, it is vital to get air flow correct.With the variability of winds and temperature in our area, you may well need to have adaptable flaps and doors that can be left open in still weather and closed when it is windy.Very few animals have ever been lost through too much air.In fact, the opposite really applies in that more animals have been lost through infections developing due to poor air flow.Roof ridge ventilation, slotted roofs, Yorkshire boarding or the perforated metal version are all useful ways of getting air to flow though buildings.

If you cannot get a building to work properly in terms of air flow, look at using a Proctor's air flow fan and tube- available through Harpers Farm Supplies.This is a system of pressurised ventilation, where the air is blown into the building and escapes naturally.We have seen some very good results with this system and would be pleased to show you some examples.

Lung disease is one of the greatest challenges we face in cattle and sheep.Please give all your animals the chance to fight lung infection with plenty of good, clean air.