Beef and Heifer Feed

The feeding challenges of all beef systems are different but the objectives are the same - to produce cattle that grow quickly, grade well and meet the buyer specification to ensure the best prices. At the same time, it is important to achieve this cost-effectively, making full use of home grown feeds.

Whether you are suckler producer, run an intensive finishing system or grow and finish cattle at grass, Harpers Feeds have a choice of products to help you raise your cattle efficiently. The feeds are designed to fit in with the range of management systems seen on-farm, so whatever your system we have the products to suit.

Product Description Feeding Age
Calf Rearing

Fed at a rate of 2-3 kgs per head per day, this diet will maximise the growth potential of the calves.

Calves will digest this easily, developing their rumen function as they grow. A high specification of minerals ensures the development of all vital functions, producing healthy calves with good bloom.

12 weeks
14% Bull Beef Nuts + Yeast

This diet is designed to be fed ad lib to finish cattle or housed bull beef cattle.

We recommend using yeast with this diet to improve rumen conditions and increase growth and feed conversion rates.

This diet fed ad lib will ensure that cattle are properly finished when they reach their target weight.

20 weeks
Cattle Combine Nuts

Designed to be fed to old ruminating cattle, growing cattle, suckler calves and creep feeding.

The mix of ingredients gives the most effective growth available, ensuring cattle grow to their potential and minimise their store costs.

The ideal general purpose feed.

6+ month old
16 % Suckler Cow Roll

A high energy diet carrying magnesium for those cows that are out on the moors all winter. Contains 3% magnesium.

Rolls available as a stock item. Also available as nuts (minimum order 2 tonne).

To be fed at 1Kg/cow/day
25% Beef Balancer Nut

This diet is for the home mixer, using their own cereals or crimp grain. It is double mineralised so no further minerals are required.

50% cereal/50% nuts = 17.5% Crude Protein diet

66% cereal/33% nuts = 15% Crude Protein diet

6+ months
33% Cattle Protein Pellet

These diets contain quality raw materials such as soya bean meal, which ensure high levels of UDP. This is essential to maximise high peak yields and growth and is fully mineralised when diluted with your own cereals.

Also available at 40% protein (minimum order 2 tonnes)

6+ months
Beef Finisher + Yeast

Designed to finish cattle with the right level of conformation and fat cover. Harpers beef feeds influence these factors to ensure customer satisfaction, looking particularly at:

Vitamin E from a natural source will maintain shelf life of beef through its antioxidant effect on intramuscular fat.

12 weeks
Premier Beef Molassed Mix + Yeast Designed to feed ablib for growing and fattening of bulls.
With the inclusion of Maize, the product will help cattle to grow quicker and finish earlier.

Not a stock item. Minimum order of 1 tonne.
Intensive Bull Beef Molassed Mix + Yeast Intended to be fed ablib alongside quality straw, for growing and fattening of bulls in a bull beef system

Not a stock item. Minimum order of 1 tonne.
16% Beef Molassed Mix This product is designed to be fed from 4 months old to growing cattle, suckler calves and creep feeding.
Its a general purpose feed, to be fed alongside good quality forage and or at grass.
33% Cattle Protein Dry Mix This product is to be mixed with rolled cereals, contains quality ingredients such as soya bean meal, essential for maximising growth rate or peak yields.

33% Cattle Protein Dry Mix is fully mineralised when diluted with home grown cereals.
Alka Beef Nut + Yeast Designed to balance the pH in the rumen allowing cattle to utilise the high starch content without suffering acidosis resulting in stable rumen conditions leading to better growth rate and feed conversion.

Beef Target Calculator - Beef and Heifer leaflet


Yeast has a number of benefits when added to beef and calf diets.

Trial results have shown to include: Improved Bull Beef Performance, increase in dry matter intake, more efficient feed conversion, live weight gain, kill-out percentage and carcass weight. As well as reduction in days to slaughter.

Other additives include double beef minerals, Eimericox and more.