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19% Pre Lamber Nuts (Lifeline included)

Due to the continued success of the Rumenco Lifeline bucket we are delighted to incorporate this pre-mix into a compound.

The diet aims to get ewes in the right condition for lambing and will promote easier lambing, livelier lambs and reduced losses. It is ultra high in vitamin E and contains chelated zinc for good hoof quality, increased milk yield and milk quality. It also contains lactose and mannanoligosaccharides (moss) to improve calcium.

6 weeks prior

16/18/21% Ewe Master Nut/Roll

Feed to ewes, 6 weeks prior to lambing, increasing amounts according to forage quality and availability, ewe size and expected lambing percentage.

This diet provides strong healthy lambs and ewes with plenty of milk. The balance and quality of protein and energy will ensure that your ewes are productive and healthy through the most critical period of their year.

6 weeks prior

19/21% Intensive Ewe Nut/Roll

This specialist diet is designed to be fed to prolific ewes, which are housed and fed on straw, haylage or mature silage.

This range is high in energy range and undegradable protein sourced from good levels of soya and rumen protected soya, to allow ewes to digest straw as forage and to give good lamb growth and ewe milking ability.

6 weeks prior

Prolific ewes on straw/haylage

18% Premium Ewe Nut/Roll

Designed for lower production flocks, this diet offers an alternative to Ewe Master while still providing the same level of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E to give 150mg/kg. High in selenium with the added benefit of Sel-Plex.

6 weeks prior

18% Traditional Ewe Nut

This product is non GM.

Speak to one of our feed representatives for more information.

Minimum order 2 tonnes.

6 weeks prior

33% Sheep Protein Pellet

Carefully selected vegetable protein sources are used to provide a high un-degradable protein level in the finished diet. This should be mixed with cereals and sugar beet to produce a finished ewe feed

Mixed Do not feed to lambs

Lamb Starter to Finish Pellet

Introduce at 2 weeks of age and offer ad lib in a clean, dry feeder keeping the product fresh at all times. Indoor lambs should have access to best quality straw and clean fresh water at all times.

Very palatable and highly effective in growing lambs, contains ammonium chloride to prevent urinary calculi and Sel-plex to promote early lamb vigour. *

From 2 weeks ad lib

Lamb Grower Pellet

Use from 7 weeks to finish, following Super Lamb Mix or Lamb Starter Pellets.

Offer Ad lib to achieve top food conversion rates and grading.

Should be fed right through to finish, ensuring your lambs can be marketed as soon as possible.*

7/8 weeks - finish

20% Lamb Finisher Balancer Nut

Feed to finishing lambs on a one-to-one basis, with rolled or crimped wheat or barley - either mixed before feeding or layered into trough at feeding.

As a guide: feed 500g of the mix for the ten days then increase the rate to 1kg per lamb per day by increasing to twice a day feeding.

Contains double minerals so no further supplementation is needed. *

50/50 with cereals

Lamb Master Nut

Speak to one of our feed representatives for more information.

Minimum order 2 tonnes. *

From 10 weeks

Lamb Finisher Nut

Our most popular diet has been developed over a number of years, with many thousands of lambs having been finished on it.

It is designed to be fed as a complete ration to store sheep to provide fast and effective finishing, giving lambs solid muscle and the correct level of finish.

The secret of the diet is in the digestion. The coarse grit used in lamb Finisher helps lambs to digest all the nutrients giving optimum performance.*

Ad lib from 10 weeks

Traditional Top Lamb Finisher Nut

This product is non GM. Speak to one of our feed representatives for more information.

Minimum 2 tonne order. *

From 10 weeks

Super Lamb Mix

This highly palatable, molassed coarse mix is readily accepted by lambs giving them the best possible start.

This ration can be used for show sheep to provide strong muscle and wool quality which comes from the specially selected ingredients such as micronised maize, micronised peas and linseed pellets. *

From 1 week ad lib


Harvest Goat Coarse Mix

Stock item. Available in 20Kg bags.

* All our Lamb diets contain Ammonium Chloride to prevent urinary calculi (Bladder stones).

Sheep ready recknor

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Sel-Plex is a natural, traceable, safe source of organic selenium that optimises selenium status and usage to enhance animal health, your profitability and food quality.   Sel-Plex is manufactured to mimic Mother Nature, and is thus better absorbed, stored and used by the animal.

We also stock Ovilac lamb milk powder and a range of Supalyx and Lifeline mineral buckets.